Grant County’s Law and Justice Proposition 1 is a minimal sales tax increase of 3/10 of one percent to help pay for a new correctional facility and increase personnel for municipal law enforcement agencies.  That is 30 cents on every 100 dollar purchase and because it is a sales tax, the cost is shared by the entire region, not just Grant County residents.

What Other Jurisdictions Are Saying

The Moses Lake Police Department stands united with the Grant County Sheriff’s Office and other Grant County law enforcement agencies in support of the 3/10% Public Safety sales tax increase.

Chief Kevin Fuhr
Moses Lake Police Department

The 3/10% will provide the city with the adequate funds to fund a 5th full time police officer. This will also provide 24 hour law enforcement coverage for our city.  Offenders are well aware that there will always be 4 hours that is not covered each day. 

Chief Ryan Cox
Soap Lake Police Department

Currently, we are routinely coming across individuals with active warrants that know that they won’t be booked into jail due to overcrowding. We would be able to get back to booking those individuals that need to be booked

Chief Darin Smith
Royal City Police Department