Community Support

Ephrata Police Department

“A new jail with more capacity will probably help Ephrata more than others because of instead of releasing prisoners prematurely into our city or not being able to book them in the first place we will be able to house individuals where they need to be: the jail. That will enhance both public safety and citizen’s well-being.”

Chief Mike Warren

Soap Lake Police Department

“The 3/10% will provide the city with the adequate funds to fund a 5th full time police officer. This will also provide 24 hour law enforcement coverage for our city.  Offenders are well aware that there will always be four hours that is not covered each day in the City of Soap Lake.”

Chief Ryan Cox

Mattawa Police Department

“Mattawa’s potential uses for the tax increase include hiring more officers to get closer to 24/7 coverage, as well as a pay increase for our officers as we are the lowest-paid city for our population. Also, we would consider building infrastructure to facilitate more community-oriented policing services for educational outreach and crime prevention.”

Chief Joe Harris

Grant County Sheriff’s Office

“With the ongoing population crisis of the Grant County Jail, our deputies are not able to adequately address the crime in Grant County. Being able to book all criminals would be a greater deterrent in the fight against crime. Patrol staffing levels would also benefit from this by voting YES on this proposition.”

Sheriff Tom Jones

Moses Lake Police Department

“The community would see faster response times to calls and quicker turnaround for reports from patrol officers.  Major crimes detectives would be able to more quickly start and finish investigations, specifically those involving internet crimes against children, and more timely follow up to property related crimes.”

Chief Kevin Fuhr

Warden Police Department

“Warden Police Department would look to hire an additional officer. We do not have enough man-hours to cover a 24 hour day.  With an additional officer, we can increase coverage. We would also be able to better address misdemeanor warrants that, at times, cannot be arrested due to limited space in the jail.”

Chief Rick Martin

Royal City Police Department

“Royal City would be able to get back to booking those individuals that need to be booked. Currently, we are routinely coming across individuals with active warrants that know that they won’t be booked into jail due to overcrowding.”

Chief Darin Smith

City of Moses Lake Resolution of Support

City of Warden Resolution of Support

City of Mattawa Resolution of Support

City of Soap Lake Resolution of Support